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Haskell B. Curry
Research interests

J.Roger Hindley

Research interests  

  • Mathematical logic; particularly lambda-calculus, combinatory logic and type-theory.

Books published

  • Combinatory Logic Vol. II, North-Holland Co., 1972 (with H. B. Curry, J. P. Seldin).
  • Introduction to Combinatory Logic, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1972 (with B. Lercher, J. P. Seldin).
  • To H. B. Curry, Academic Press, 1980 (edited, with J. Seldin).
  • Introduction to Combinators and Lambda-calculus, Cambridge Univ. Press 1986 (with J. P. Seldin).
  • Basic Simple Type Theory, Cambridge Univ. Press 1995.

  • Jonathan.P.Seldin
    Recent Books
    • Introduction to Combinators and $\lambda$-Calculus (with Roger Hindley), London Math. Soc. Student Texts No. 1 (Cambridge Univeristy Press, 1986). New edition (requested by publisher) in preparation.


    Edgar 'Ted' Codd
    The mathematician and former IBM Fellow best known for creating the "relational" model for representing data that led to today's $12 billion database industry.

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    Peter Landin


    Joe Stoy

    Research interests

    • The semantics of programming languages, and applying formal methods to the construction and validation of computing systems, both in software and in hardware.

    Henk Barendregt
    Some papers

    Dana S. Scott
    Current research interests

    Gordon Plotkin

    Some publications

    Harvey M. Friedman
    Eighteen articles discussing work of Friedman in:
    • Harvey Friedman's Research on the Foundations of Mathematics, edited by L. Harrington, M. Morley, A. Scedrov, and S. Simpson, North-Holland, 1985, 408 pages plus xvi.


    Martin Bunder

    Some publications

    • Book: Set Theory based on Combinatory Logic, V.R.B., Groningen, 1969*.
    • Book (in first draft): Illative Combinatory Logic.

    Nick Roussopoulos

    Selected publications

    Michael Brodie

    Research interests

    Chief Scientist, Verizon Information Technology. He works on large-scale strategic Information Technology (IT) challenges for Verizon Corporation's senior executives. His primary interest is in the use of IT, with an emphasis on emerging technologies, to enable organizational and business objectives, including organizational change. Since 1998 he has investigated e-commerce and the relationships between economics, business, and technology. His long-term industrial and research focus is on large-scale information systems - their total life cycle, business and technical contexts, core technologies, and "integration" within in a large scale, operational telecommunications environment.

    Mike Stonebraker
    He is widely recognized as one of the world's foremost experts in database technology and is noted for his insight in operating systems and expert systems.

    John McCarthy

    Published papers on mathematical theory of computation

    Corrado Bohm

    Selected publications

    • C. Böhm, A. Berarducci, "Automatic Synthesis of typed Lambda-programs on Term Algebras" Theoretical Computer Science , 39: 135-154, 1985.
    • C. Böhm, "Functional Programming and Combinatory algebras", MFCS , Carlsbad, Czecoslovakia, eds M.P. Chytil, L. Janiga and V. Koubek, LNCS 324, 14-26, 1988.

    Simon Peyton Jones

    Current work

    • [Major revision: Dec 2003] Practical type inference for arbitrary-rank types (with Mark Shields). This paper, long in gestatation, describes the approach that GHC takes to type inference for higher-rank types. It has a strongly tutorial flavour, and comes with an executable implementation. Feedback on this paper would be very welcome.


    John Hughes


    Mike Gordon

    Introduction to functional programming (1995/96)


    Pierre-Louis Curien

    Research interests (programming languages and proof theory):

    • lambda calculi (and explicit substitutions)
    • typing (in particular: subtyping, parametricity)
    • domain theory (in particular: sequentiality)
    • linear logic
    • games semantics
    • classical logic


    Luca Cardelli

    Selected publications

    • Martín Abadi and Luca Cardelli. A theory of objects. (Book.) Springer, 1996.
    • Luca Cardelli, John C. Mitchell, Simone Martini, and Andre Scedrov. An extension of system F with subtyping. Information and Computation, 109(1/2):4-56, February 1994.
    • Roberto M. Amadio and Luca Cardelli. Subtyping recursive types. ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems, 15(4):575-631, 1993.

    Eike Ritter

    Selected publications

    • Categorical abstract machines for higher-order typed lambda calculi. Published in TCS. dvi ps
    • Categorical abstract machines for higher-order typed lambda calculi. PhD Thesis, University of Cambridge. dvi ps

    John C. Reynolds 

    A Recent Book

    An Old Book

    David Turner
    One of the pioneers of functional languages. He designed several languages, including, SASL (1976), KRC (1981), and Miranda, many of which were implemented using combinators and the S-K reduction machine which he defined.

    Project: Elementary Strong Functional Programming: Summary

    The project, funded by the UK Engineeering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) from 14.10.96 to 13.10.99 under grant GR/L03279, was undertaken to investigate the practical viability of a discipline of strong functional programming proposed in [8]. The research associate was Alastair Telford.

    John Harrison

    Lecture Notes in Functional Programming:

    Entire notes (160 pages): DVI, Postscript


    Xavier Leroy

    Some references:

    Valérie Ménissier-Morain

    Research subject: reliability of programmation


    Paul Hudak
    The principal organizer and chairperson of the "Haskell Committee," an international group of computer scientists who designed Haskell. Editor for the Journal of Functional Programming and the Journal of Higher-Order and Symbolic Logic.

    Representative Publications:

    • The Haskell School of Expression: Learning Functional Programming through Multimedia, Cambridge University Press, New York, 2000.